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Jun 08, 2006 - 05:24 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

hey there-it seems i've gotten you're interest. well as you could tell i'm fucking fired up and ready to rock. what do you think this record should do? should it be heavy and out of control or should we try to find a more sensitive soft side. I'm going with the bang, bang on the head. HEAVY! LATER-JEFF

Jun 07, 2006 - 09:46 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

hey-what the hell-twice in the same week. what's going on? you know what, we sat down and said fuck a bunch of greatest near hits CD. it's going to be a new record or nothing at all! i will tell you guys that it will not take 3 years but hopefully 3-4months, it will be previewed in it's demo form on the internet and it will be different. there you go BIZZACH! who loves you baby? you guy's are all the motivation i need to go out and make this CD. fuck the radio, fuck a single and fuck 3 years! We're making a Hunger CD-love you guys-jeff w/thehunger

P.S. has anybody seen the rest of my band-they haven't been on the site in years-THEY SUCK! I STILL LOVE YOU!

Jun 03, 2006 - 11:15 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

Friends, Houstonians, Family: it has been officially decided and the band is going to immediately start the recording of a new record. after a lot of thought amongst all the members we feel we have something to say and something to prove. i feel like a boxer who has lost his title belt-I WANT IT BACK! We plan to attempt to write this record in a couple of months and let you guys here it. I'm really excited as this record will be the first record where we really try to sit down and write it all together. It should make for a change in the sound and maybe the style but change could be good. right on! as for the show at scout bar last week-when is the last time you where at a show at scout that went off like that. the hunger friends and family were CRAZY!!!!!!!!!! holy crap-i really felt the love in the building and it was just another reason i felt obligated and driven to make a new record. you guys do it to me! I will get started on this record this monday and unlike other hunger records give weekly or bi-weekly video and audio updates on the site. take care people-jeff/thehunger

Apr 27, 2006 - 09:44 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

hey guys-just keeping you informed about things going on with the band and another band in town. we have a show coming up on may 6th at sam's concert hall. it should be a great event and a drunken time. sams is knowm for turning the normal, quiet person into a complete drunken idiot. lets all go be drunken idiots together-it should be great! we've also decided that over the next 2 month period we are going to lock ourselves up and write a new record. i will keep you informed but you heard me right-a new record. one last topic is the message board. it seems some of you guys have been battling it out with the fans of blue october via both bands message boards. i think its great, old fashioned american fun so have at it. i only ask that you show them the same respect you've shown the hunger over all these years. you can hate them if thats what you want to do, but do it with class and dignity. i personally have met and spoken with the guys from blue october on many occasions and i must admit, they are extremely nice texas guys. i couldn't be happier for them and all their success. they have been trying just as long as the hunger and they finally made it. Congrats! you will never see me on their message board but spread the word-the hunger says a million congratulations. Now when their fans are slammin the hunger on the message boards do what you got to do, battle it out, but do it respectfully. go get em team! love you guys-jeff

Apr 16, 2006 - 11:04 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

hey peeps-let me start by saying friday was the most fun i've had in beaumont in a long, long time. everyone really got involved in the show and partied on well past 2am. OK-now on to the issue at hand. imagine being at your job(lawyer, waiter, salesman, etc..)and several customers keeping pulling on your twig and giggle berries. my level of focus was put to the test friday when my balls where bashed repeatedly by several young ladies while we were playing. it's rock and roll! however-i'm trying to do a job and no where in the application did it say "you must be jacked off during the middle of your performance". i believe that would be called a live sex show! i love you girls and you helped us celebrate and have a good time but dang!!! LEAVE ME BALLS AND SHAFT OUT OF IT! for those of you recording the show friday when you here me singing out of pitch look for the strange hand on my balls, see me whince in pain and sing like a 12 year old hitting puberty. as for now-i had a great time and can't wait until the next time. the friends and family rule baby!!! jeff w/thehunger

Apr 06, 2006 - 10:58 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

hey people-just a heads up to the people of beaumont that we will be there this friday at a new venue-cactus canyon. we've never played there before in our long history but new things can be good. hope to see you all out for a night of mayhem! much luv guys-jeff

Mar 30, 2006 - 10:50 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

Hey Kids-i got a question for you? what do you guys think about a "greatest hits" record. I'm laughing-you've got to have hits to call it a greatest hits record so we will call it a hunger compilation or something. anyway-the idea behind it would be to release tracks from all the records and a couple of new ones. i know that the old stuff is hard to get so here would be a chance plus some b-sides and new tracks. it could be pretty darn cool! let me know what you think on the message board or send me an email. take care-jeff/thehunger

Mar 28, 2006 - 12:05 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

hey guys-its been a while! the music biz has a way of doing things to you. it takes time and slows it down to where days become months and months become years. with that being said there is no excuse. i want to thank you guys for the last couple of shows which have all been crazy. the shows in lubbock,witchita falls and amarillo and quite simple been legendary. as for houston they never change-YOU ALWAYS MAKE IT HAPPEN! as of this moment we are working on new show dates and new music and possibly a greatest hits kind of thing. one more thing-for all the people who wrote in with thanks and questions about stephen bogle THANK YOU! he dedicated his life to the band and i'm sure it warms his heart to read your messages. we will see ya soon-take care-jeff/thehunger

Feb 19, 2006 - 02:45 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

well we are now in amarillo! its cold as hell and almost everyone has some residuals from last night. to the girl in the red leather pants-get the hell off the bus! leave the kids at home this is for adults only! tres punto's lives forever! as for the show it went great and the crowd was off the hook. thanks alot to the people of lubbock and Jake's. The Hunger has a great time and i'm sure we will tonight. tonight is "midnight rodeo" in amarillo so get here early. 10 years, 5 speed and bobaflex will also rock your world. enough talk-time to drink! Later-Jeff/TheHunger

Jan 08, 2006 - 01:03 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

hey people-whats going on! its been a little while so i hope everyone had a great xmas/new year and are ready to start it all up again. i have big expectations for this year and you guys are all a part of it. on another note-i am a proud papa for the second time. my son, toben walter wilson-"toby", was born tuesday 1-3-06 at 11:55 am. I will simply say that he is awesome in every way! he has got me smiling from ear to ear all day long. Mom is doing great and resting at home. i watched the baby being born and let me tell you ladies-you have my RESPECT! shit-that's a load of work but she handled it like the champ she is. none of this info usually ends up on the site but life is music and what happens in my life i use for inspiration. i now have a whole lot of inspiration-lets see what happens! love you guys! jeff/thehunger

Dec 29, 2005 - 12:34 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

whats up-i hope everyone had a happy holidays and look forward to a new year. we promise to get out and bust our ass and do a bunch of shows and bring the hunger friends and family to your town. check out the website in the next couple of weeks for live concert footage compiled from a couple of shows and more changes. as always we look forward to seeing you soon. take care-jeff

Dec 11, 2005 - 11:40 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

whats up-this will be the last entry about the powerman5000 tour so here it goes before i get my drunk on. all the shows kicked ass, the crowds were all great, neverset rocked and jada pinkett smith is cooler than the other side of the pillow. i dont know much about powerman because they dont say much-their show however kicked some big fat ass. enough said-im goin to get my drink on! out bitches! jeff/thehunger

Dec 09, 2005 - 01:13 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

hi peeps-just got through with the gig and back at the hotel. great show and the people of lubbock did what they always did-party! its going to be a long,fun week. will smith of hollywood movie fame was hangin out at this show. don't ask me why lubbock? i guess he was just being a good husband and hangin with his wife. anyway-he was cool and much to my amazment kind of a regular guy. great night-see ya tommorow. jeff

Nov 24, 2005 - 11:05 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

DANG-what a great night last night! that had to of been the most fun i've had at a show in a long, long time and you guys made it happen. when is the last time you were at a show at scout bar and the crowd yelled and participated with the band like that-you would of thought you were at a green day concert at the toyota center. an exaggeration, YES, but you guys were going off. WOW! The pre thanksgiving day show is alive and well. to all my friends and family who attended last night thanks a million because it wouldn't have happened without you. gotta go now-my head hurts, my back hurts and my neck is killing me but its time to eat some mo fo turkey. happy holidays-jeff

Nov 19, 2005 - 01:14 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

hey people-just wanted to take a minute and thank the people of dallas and most importantly, FAKTION, for one hell of a great night. we do alot of shows with bands and more often than not they suck. this one simply rocked! thanks to the guys in FAKTION for letting us be a part of your night. we hope to make dallas a regular stop over the next couple of months so i will see you there. stay tuned and check the tour page as dates get added every day and dont forget to come check out the powerman5000 dates. they will be crazy!!!!!!!! one last thing-our webmaster ED just found out he's going to be a dad. hell yeah-thats my boy! i new deep down inside you were not asexual. all kidding aside, ed you will make a great pop and congrats once again. later-jeff

Nov 12, 2005 - 10:35 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

peeps-how it hangin! all is well here and as you can tell by the tour page we are hittin the road this month and beaten down the rest of texas. alot of you guys have waited a long time for a show so lets blow it out. i cant wait-its gonna be the bomb! come on out to all the shows and call you local radio station in your city. request "so lost" by the hunger. we love you guys-take it easy or sleazy but just take it. jeff/thehunger

Nov 03, 2005 - 01:13 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

what up people! as you can see by the website we are starting to book dates around texas so stay tuned for a visit to your city. we had a great show at scout bar last sunday and i wanted to simply say thanks. it was halloween and the freaks were out so it made for a very interesting night. if anyone filmed the show with your digital camera send me an email so i can possibly use your footage in a DVD i'm working on. other than that-peace out people-jeff/thehunger

Oct 25, 2005 - 06:38 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

whats up guys-its been awhile and i apologize. i've got no excuses but just being busy and trying to get shit done. with that being said things are looking up with radio in minnesota, nebraska, texas and others now starting to play the music. i will post the cities and station numbers in a day or 2 so you can help blow up the phones. if you are in houston stay tuned for the hunger and zach united doing a whole show together. it will be great-zach is the man and always, always shows us much love. guys i will be back soon-until then-keep rockin-much luv-jeff

Sep 24, 2005 - 12:58 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

THE LAST HURRICANE UPDATE-i stayed throughout "the storm" and all is well. mother nature chose to stay away from my house and leave me the hell alone. some people say i am crazy for staying but they just don't know. i've been through these before and i know what to expect. i let everybody else get out of the way and if the need to leave occurred-i would have done it. to sum this stupid storm up-A COMPLETE AND TOTAL WASTE OF TIME! now let's get on with life and ROCK ON! love you guys-jeff

Sep 23, 2005 - 02:41 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

Rita can suck my Pita-so far this has been a big waste of time. yes i know my roof can still fly off and land on my head, etc.. but as of now i'm just bored out of my mind. no real need for concern on my part as i am an old veteran of the hurrican scene. i have a back up plan should things go horribly wrong. so here is what is really going on in hurricane central.

Not a damn thing! armageddon is happening on TV but it's not going on at my house. just got through making some lunch and cleaning the swimming pool. the only thing that's bothering me at the moment is the uncanny silence outside. it's really, really, strange to go outside and hear nothing. i will give a Dr. Jeff Wilson, "hurricane tactician", update later in the evening when the fight is really on. until then-may the force be with you-sincerely forrest gump-oopps-jeff

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