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Sep 22, 2005 - 06:43 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

BORED OUT OF MY DAMN MIND-if you guys know the hunger than you know we are all from south texas. we pretty much all live a stones throw away from the gulf of mexico. The Y2K of hurricanes is coming this way and every weatherman and newscaster from here to timbuktu has a boner the size of the goodyear blimp. i want to throw up! these guys have forcasted gloom and doom like never before and scared people out of there damn minds. rightfully so but there is a point where people need to rely on their own life experience and make up their own minds. i made up my mind to stay! i just have entirely to much to lose! when you work your whole life for something and suddenly some cheese dick in a tie is telling you to get out-leave everything-fuck you! i'm not doing it-no way jose!
i'm sitting here in my fortified bunker with all the windows boarded up losing my mind. to all of you who are out there like lemmings on the highway i wish you luck. the TV people have succesfully scared the crap out of everyone and they are hauling ass. Brother Bone just spent 13 hours from houston to college station. good lord! stephen is probably in austin and no one knows where in the hell darren is. gio's riding it out. i will throw in the occasional storm update as i can. these things are boring as all hell and seem to drag on forever. good luck to all of you and may the force be with you! peace bro-i'm going surfing-jeff

Sep 20, 2005 - 02:16 am
By: Thomas Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

Thanks to everyone that attended the show at Numbers. I had a blast! Donna, you're one crazy mofo. Much love.

Sep 06, 2005 - 09:25 am
By: Thomas Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

A Call To Arms: It's that time again peeps. The Record Release Party at NUMBERS is less than two weeks away. This is a Hunger tradition dating back to our first cd. So you know what that means-it's time to represent!
I hope to see as many of you as possible at the show.
Street Teamers-keep it up! You guys are doing a great job, Thanks-Thomas

Sep 04, 2005 - 03:55 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

friends and family-

i must say-what a good time i had last night. it felt like we played well and everyone was enjoying themselves. i know the band had a great time. i saw alot of familiar faces and guys in other bands checking it out. i dont think we dissapointed! you know-i had a person do an interview recently and they asked me if i was on drugs because i jumped around to much on stage. i thought to myself-are you kidding! have you ever done drugs and then tried to go out and sprint down the street. its not a combination that goes well together. i told the person, the music just makes me want to do what it do. that plus the fact that we have great fans who inspire me more and more. the friends and family always represent! well-i look forward to the numbers show and want to see all of you out there. it's all ages so the youngsters can get in. with stillframe and abasia on the bill it will be a good night. take care people-i've got to put some flex all to kill the pain on my neck. damn getting old sucks! love you guys-jeff

Sep 03, 2005 - 01:22 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

hey people-

it's a night to forget about whats going on around us and have some fun. a whole lotta fun! come out tonight to scout bar and check out a great show. its gonna go off! when we wake up tommorow the tragedy's occuring will still be there and will be there for many months to come. this is life people! we have hardships that are unimaginable but we overcome. that's the american way. i hope to see all of you tonight to see that you are still OK and celebrate a new beginning. The Hunger friends and family return to the world of rock. Let's get ready to rumble!! i love you guys-jeff/thehunger

Aug 27, 2005 - 10:09 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

hey guys-

hope everyone is doing great. i got to see some of you at the hooters show but i must say im sorry-i got the hell out of there as soon as we were finished. the heat just kicked my butt. i thought i was going to pass out. it goes without saying that we should be playing at night in a club-outside-HELL NO! for those who attended thanks for putting up with us. i promise the scout show and numbers show will be 50 times better. as always i wanted to say thanks for all your help and being a part of the family. all my luv-jeff

Aug 19, 2005 - 9:28 pm
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)


I don't spend alot of time cruising around my own website but i do keep track of what's going on and let me tell you-YOU PEOPLE ARE GOING CRAZY!!!!!! I stopped by the message board to see what the talk is about and it seems that "Zadoc" has fired a shot at the indians and geronimo is about to charge. Damn you people are going crazy! That's great to see-DANG! alright, let's get to the point.

people are entitled to their opinions and that is just what they are-opinions! nothing more and nothing less. I learned a long time ago to take the good with the bad and quite simply that i could not please everyone. But let me tell you-the friends and family are ready to get it on. it's a fight! Let me start with a little history lesson regarding "The Hunger" and Phoenix-the hometown of "Zadoc". Phoenix Rocks! I have many fond memories of that town such as: Desert Sky Pavillion with Type O and the Deftones, KUPD, Gibson's, Bourbon Street Circus just to name a few. But out of all of it the one thing that stuck in my mind to this day is how hard that town liked to rock! The people there just eat it up-i love that town. So it goes without saying that i miss it!

now it's time for the history lesson. yes we used to play loads of guitar leads and our sound was heavier but go back to "leave me alone" and you will find some of the lightest synth pop we ever did. We were just kids trying to figure out musically what we wanted to do and how to do it. I think that record shows it because the styles are all over the place. I love it and I hate it at the same time-YEAH! so as we progressed we added a little more guitar throughout the records, played a few more leads, got a record deal, sold a few records, played alot of shows, made lots of friends and got to see the world. I wouldn't trade it in for anything-the shit is priceless.

"Zadoc" is right about some things. dave mustaine did say some of those things at a time when all heavy music was suffering. you couldn't find a guitar lead on radio and if you did you were banished from airplay by the programmers of the radio world. "Zadoc" seems to me to be a purist and quite possibly a guitar player himself. I played shows with Zach Wilde and spent many a drunken nights with the guy and i know his mantra-more guitars and leads-period! He is quite possibly one of the best guitar player i ever heard and a hell of a nice guy. so it seems to me that "Zadoc" likes guitars, leads, ,etc..

well guess what-no leads on this record. Just Songs! I know my guitar player can play with the best of them and would love to play a lead on every song but at the same time he is a producer with an ultimate goal. to get back out of the garage and into the mainstream! he is smart enough to know that radio programmers still are not willing to play an ass load of heavy, heavy guitar rock with million note leads. these are the facts and the world we live in. I write most of the music and all of the lyrics so i know what every song is about and he probably doesn't-i'll give him that. I would hope that he atleast read the liner notes on the CD to understand that Al Jourgenson of "Ministry" wrote halloween and we just covered the song. it was an industrial classic from the early 90's.

"Zadoc" has no idea what i was thinking when i was writing this record and i am not going to tell him. that is part of the beauty in music-the mystery of a song and what it could or could not mean. It's Great-tell me what the hell Kurt Cobain was saying in "smells like teen spirit". if you didn't have the liner notes you would have never really known but the attitude of the song just kicked your ass. so as it goes the hunger has changed-sure we have and so have bands like rage against the machine without zach dela rocha and the smashing pumpkins without drummer jimmy chamberlin. the common thread-they all got softer. I don't know if this band will ever get back that bang you over the head with a guitar edge or if we ever really had it. after playing with and watching the deftones in phoenix i realized that they were heavy as shit. just simply freakin amazing-POWER! i new then and there that we were song writers first and foremost and guitar hero's somewhere down the line.

i don't know how anyone could ever think we were heavy after listening to "leave me alone or grip" because we never were. listen to the records and you will see what i am talking about. then came "devil thumbs a ride" where we discovered guitars-god bless that record because it validated what we spent a lifetime doing-recording and playing music. "cinematic superthig" was much of the same thing but pretty much took a beating in the sales department. i loved the record but oh well-what can you say. that takes us to today and the message board from hell-you guys are going crazy and i love it. it just goes to show once again that not everyone will get it, like what you do or simply give a shit. those who do go crazy and want to kill-i love you guys. you are the people who have stood by us for so long and never wavered. those who hate-i still have love for you. it's just an opinion! the guy at one time was a hunger fan and does know his history but this record isn't about him-it's about the hunger and what we wanted to do. this record is exactly what we wanted to do and most of you guys understand it. maybe "Zadoc" will one day but i'm not going to lose any sleep over it. it's just an opinion and he is entitled to it. when you see stuff like this on the website-ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK-that's what family is about. you defend your own! take pride in what you do and what you believe in-i know i do! so thanks to the friends and family for giving it hell and to "Zodac" for giving them something to fight about. YEAH-it's great! As Don King would say, "Only in America, Only in America"! love you guys-jeff

Aug 16, 2005 - 12:02 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

that's the term i use for living in the wonderful state of texas. i think this state rocks! all you have to do is go to the other 49 and you will know how good you have it here. anyway-that leads me to my point. for a long time we've been under the radar, so to speak, producing this record and waiting until we finally got it right. now it's time to find out what other people think about it. no more invisiblilty cloak, no more vanishing cream-ha ha-we put the cd out and find out what people think. there have been a couple of haters already and a guy using my name on the message board(no the jeff w on the message board is not me). my point that i am so poorly making is this: rarely do you hear about something when it is good or times are great-more often you hear about it when something sucks, a plane crashes, etc.. do you get my point-not yet-OK! bad news and bad information spreads like wildfire but good info goes no where unless alot of people get involved and spread the word. if you like this record spread the word-send emails to radio stations, call them and let them know about the new record, etc.. these people need positive feedback to make up their minds. i will post info on the website in a day or two with links to radio stations, etc.. you would be suprised what a few emails and calls can do. radio stations call it research! they do it! so to summarize-i really believe in this record, but honestly, i can't do it without you. during our 20 nights on the "cage match" you guys killed the competition and thats what it will take to get this done. let me know what you think. send me an email-i will read it! dang-it's time to get some dairy queen. see ya-joe dirte just kidding-later-jeff

Aug 13, 2005 - 02:51 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

BOYEE-my body hurts! it was a long night but it was well worth it. i must tell you it was a little strange but very gratifying to finally be playing some new music at shows. i've waited a long time to get to this point and last night was the validation i've waited for. The "friends and family" were out and having a good time, the drinks were flowing and the music was loud. My friends from faceplant tore the house down and then we blew it up. YEAH! a nu CD, nu shirts and merch, no music to play-do you get the hint-NEW! I hope everyone likes the new record. i believe in it like no other and have nothing but great things to say about the whole thing from the music to the artwork on the cd to the booklet inside the CD that bone disgned. it freakin rocks!!!!!! alright folks-c ya later-jeff

Aug 05, 2005 - 12:59 pm
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)


it's just about time for a nu record. presales have already started coming in and it feels good. it feels real good! from all over the 50 states people are starting to respond and order early. OUTSTANDING! with the help of the hunger firends and family spreading the word it's just a matter of time. i hope to see all of you out at the record release shows in houston and beaumont. it will be a great time. trust me! the website is being rebuilt as we speak and a special shout out to ed mayhall and curtis floth. these guys build the sites and help out with everything. if you can't tell-i'm excited-i've waited a long time to get this record out. YEAH! see ya soon-jeff/thehunger

Jul 20, 2005 - 12:16 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

hey people-just wanted to stop and give a special shout out to a member of the hunger friends and family. Mr. Stephen S from abielene. he's been a long time friend and supporter and just plain old good guy. i asked him for a lil info on the record stores in his area and he fired back with a list the more than helped out. if you guys have any info regarding local area record stores drop me an email. the small mom and pop shops are always the hardest to find and sell the best stuff. so if you have some info send it my way. as for Mr. Stephen S-we look forward to seeing you out there in "the great dust bowl" real soon. take care bro-jeff

Jul 10, 2005 - 01:00 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

hey there-i've missed you guys! its going to be all worth it in a little while. the new record is completely finsihed(artwork, posters, pictures, etcc....) and all that stuff. i can't say enough about my Bro Thomas and the amount of skill and effort he puts into making these CD"S happen. i may write the majority of the music with help from the one and only stephen bogle but i would be no where without brother bone. so when you get this nu disc and you think man this is cool-he's the guy who does it. he makes these discs look cool as shit. that's my bro! as for the music i sat down and listen to the whole record last night and i still believe, without a doubt, its the best yet. stay up to date on the tour section as we fill in dates. god bless the hunger family. you rule-see ya soon-jeff

Jul 02, 2005 - 02:05 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

hey people-i hope everyone is doing great. i really miss seeing you guys but we put our foot down and finished this record. thats right-we've finished! i can't tell you how excited i am to finally release it. i listen to it and i know its the strongest record we've ever done. everyone will have their opinions but thats mine. from start to finish it rocks! now is when the fun begins. in the next couple of months it will be time to organize the hunger friends and family for the final push. we will need all your help to get this on the radio and get that elusive record deal. but with that being said i know it will happen. you guys are the most determined people out there. i honestly think you want it more than i do. anyways-in the months to come we will have to make it happen and with friends like you, i know it will! i love you guys-thanks-jeff

Jun 19, 2005 - 01:27 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

say peeps-just wanted to stop in and tell you about the last song were finishing up in the studio. its got that old hunger vibe with alot of loops, keyboards and sweet guitar riffs. this should be the last song for the new record that will be out shortly. honestly-i cant wait. i want to know what the hunger family is going to think. i think its the best work we have ever done. stay tuned for the release date and shows that are coming with it. as always-thanks to you guys for all your support and spreading the gospel. the hunger will rise and conquer the infidels. sorry-that was pretty stupid but hey we all need a lil comedy in our life. see ya folks-love ya-jeff

Jun 04, 2005 - 12:37 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

hey peeps-its the day after dallas and i'm here to give the people of dallas some respect. the people, the venue, the other bands-kick ass! all in all- a great evening. thanks to the houston crew who made the long roadie(donna&thekids, push&erin, darrens girls). i'm sure i missed some people-sorry! a great night-thank you! as for my last journal entry-i'm still climbing the mountain and the guy on the front row last night in dallas who kept yelling you suck-I'M GOING TO PEE ON YOU FIRST! YOU SUCK! GROW SOME SACK! Have a great day and god bless america. jeff

May 30, 2005 - 02:52 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

hey peeps-its been a while so i owe you an apology-i've been gone and sort of taking a break. i just wanted to evaluate life and sit back and watch. i figured out everything is great-my life is kickin ass-so now its time to get back to work. we just finished a new song in the studio called "We Are Finding Who We Are", and i guess, you could kind of call it autobiographical. over the last year we've been working on the record and it seemed as if there was no end in sight. with this song we finally found the end of the rainbow and are ready to release this CD. i have never been more ready, proud to release a record. as with most music-some people will not get it, others will think we've lost our minds, etc.. to sum it up-if you're a hater-FUCK OFF-you probably couldn't write a song to save your life. I've done it and i'm going to do it again. The Hunger will rise again, we will climb the mountain, stand on top and piss on all who hate. God Bless America! See Ya-Jeff

Mar 22, 2005 - 09:43 am
By: Darren Nelson (Bass)

Thank you to everyone that rocked out with us at the big rock show last Sunday! It was amazing! I had so much fun! The Vanished Rocked! Abasia Rocked! The crowd rocked even harder! It was a rock-tabulous time had by all! I can't move right now from rocking so much! Thanks to Zach United at the Buzz and Push! Zach! I'm watching you! Now, we have got to finish this CD so we can get back to rockin!!!!!!!!

Feb 24, 2005 - 09:16 am
By: Darren Nelson (Bass)

Have you guys checked out this Myspace thing? I have met so many people on this thing, its fun! The Hunger has a Mysapce now that was done by a friend of ours and he is doing an awesome job!

On another note, we rehearsed a new song the other day that made my blood boil and my nuts tingle! I can't wait to play this one for everyone! I love it! Jeff has pleasured me with this song!

Feb 19, 2005 - 03:03 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

yo peeps-just wanted to give a shout out and show my appreciation for all the time and energy you guys put into calling the buzz and giving them hell. your efforts produced the second longest run in cage match history. i wanted the record but there is always another day. anyway-the point-you guys kick ass. I didn't have to call you everyday and say hey, call the buzz! you guys, the friends and family, did everything on your own. YOU ROCK! much luv-jeff/thehunger

Feb 13, 2005 - 11:11 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

yo-we are treading on record breaking territory! breaking benjamin holds the cage match record with 30 nights and we are hot on their trail. good things are just around the corner-i can feel it! every night you guys simply make me smile-i listen to you call in and do your shout outs and smile for the next hour. you guys are great! thanks for everything you do and all that you've done. i love ya-jeff/thehunger

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