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Feb 04, 2005 - 11:32 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

yo folks-whats kickin-thanks for all the love and support this week. we have kicked another truck load of ass on the "cage match" and are coming back next week. this leads me to my next subject-the website. we have had about 2000 extra hits on the website since we've gotten on the cage match. amazing what a little radio can do for ya. thanks for keeping us on and bringing us back. i listen every night to see who is calling in and trust me, i can recognize most of ya-much love to ya. anyway-i got a buzz and its time for dreamland. staydol will help you get your zzzzsss!!!! luv ya-jeff

Jan 30, 2005 - 12:02 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

shizam-a great week with a great ending. thanks for all the support that you've given us ( the cage match ). it's really cool to tune in and listen to you guys give the station hell. keep it up-you are doing more than you can imagine. at this pace we will be on daytime rotation before you know it. much props to the friends and family. you rock-we luv ya-jeff

Jan 21, 2005 - 04:41 am
By: Darren Nelson (Bass)

You know, with everything going on in my life at this time, I can't help but think that this is the start of better things. My luck is getting better. My future's so bright, I gotta wear shades! Thanks so much again for the votes! One more day guys then we can take a break this weekend and regroup for a full assault on the cage match on monday night! I can't say thank you enough!

Jan 20, 2005 - 12:20 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

hey people-it has been a long time since i've dropped ajournal entry. i just had all my "wisdom teeth" pulled so i've been out of wack for a while. however-good news helps with the cure and makes me want to get back at it again. the "cage match" on "the buzz" has been a good remedy. we've worked long and hard and had many doors slammed in our faces and it seemed, at many times, that the only people who really believed in us were YOU. you guys have never let us down! just hearing a song on the radio was great but hearing you guys calling the station and giving it hell-that stuff gives me "goose bumps". thats why i've always called you friends and family because you show the love that only family can. much luv back to you-from the whole band-THANKS! let's see how long we can keep this up and stay on the buzz-give em hell!!!!!!!!! thanks a million-jeff

Jan 18, 2005 - 10:53 am
By: Darren Nelson (Bass)

Ok, tonight we won the cage match on 94.5 the buzz! Thank you to everyone that took the time to call in and vote for "so lost!" It really makes me feel good to know that there are so many people out there that care about us! So now I have to ask that you guys continue your support and listen to the cage match all week at 9 p.m. And vote for the hunger every night! Lets take this to the next level and show houston what hunger fans are all about. You guys have the power to make things happen and I hope that you all know that! Again, thank you so much and lets keep this going for as long as they let us!

Jan 18, 2005 - 10:53 am
By: Darren Nelson (Bass)

Once again, thank you for everyones support! We won the cage match on 94.5 the buzz again! I just want to send a shout out to zach at the buzz. He has done a terrific job doing this and he is to be thanked tremendously! Thanks zach and everyone else at the buzz! Lets keep this going!

Jan 17, 2005 - 03:45 am
By: Darren Nelson (Bass)

What's up sinners! A little homage for ZU at the buzz! So we got this deal with dickies and they sent me some dope ass red dickies! I can't wait to wear them at a show! I want to see my beaumont crew in full force on the 28th so make plans now! Darren says "come out and represent!"

Dec 27, 2004 - 01:22 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

hey-what's up! i hope everyone had a great chrsitmas and is enjoying a little time with the family. I've missed you guys! WE haven't played in a while due to the holidays so when we do-it's gonna kick ass. stay tuned for a new record in the coming months, yes that's right, a new record. FINALLY! with you help we will make it a success. thanks! jeff

Nov 22, 2004 - 08:43 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

yo-whats up people! it's been sometime since i've written anything-i apologize-been busy but getting back under control and back to the music. the thanksgiving show coming up this wednesday-get there early people. we've been doing this show for 11 years and it always packs. we need to set the new
Scout Bar attendance record that we broke the last time. the last show had 1300 friends and family-wednesday we can make 1500. spread the word and let everyone know the party is on. I cant wait guys-i'm excitied already. See Ya There-Jeff

Nov 04, 2004 - 02:09 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

hey guys-it's thursday and i have some bad news. we are canceling the show in beaumont on friday. Giovanni is extremely sick and i feel it would not be in his best interest to even attempt to play. I spoke with him a few minutes ago and he is extremely bummed. he has never been forced to cancel a show in his life but sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture. LIFE! drop him a note on the message board and let him know your thinking about him. don't call him-the boy can barely talk. anyway-we will make up the show and let you guys know when it happens. love ya guys-jeff

Oct 11, 2004 - 08:01 am
By: Darren Nelson (Bass)

I had a lot of fun last friday! Antones is always a breath of fresh air. Thanks to all the people that drove out from Houston especially Donna and her husband who had never seen a show! It was Chuck's birthday last thursday so make sure you guys tell him happy birthday! Thanks for everything chuck! And everyone tell Ed he did a great job on friday! Chuck and Ed back in action for the first time in I don't know how long. I can't wait till next time!!!

Oct 09, 2004 - 02:01 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

ladies and gents-what's up!!!! what a great night in beaumont. as i stated in my last journal entry-the friends and family would make the roadie and represent- YOU GUYS KICKED ASS! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
the line went down the street to get in this club before it even opened up. everyone involved knows who won the fight last night-you can make up your own minds. you just don't mess with the hunger and family in our hometown. they wanted to yesterday and they paid the price. on another note-a special shout out to our new soundman "ED" for doing a great job and "ryan" the club manager of Antones. peace people-we love ya-jeff w/thehunger

Oct 07, 2004 - 07:53 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

hey guys-just wanted to give you a heads up and let you know we will be going on a little early in beaumont. i know alot of people are making the roadie so let it be know-we will go on at 10 pm. the show will still kick butt! the is a new band on wind up records, "atomship", that will also be on the bill. see ya there. later-jeff

Oct 03, 2004 - 02:33 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

hey people-we've been trapped in the studio trying to get this nu record done. heck-if i have it my way it will be a double album at the way we're going. i know you guys have stuck with us through thick and thin so i don't want to quit recording until we have the best hunger record ever. i think we will so bear with us. keep your eyes on the tour section for shows in november and december. i can't tell you yet but they will be some of the best hunger shows. one other thing-if you live in other cities such as austin, dallas, etc.. let me know where your favorite live music venue is. much love hunger family-take care-jeff w/thehunger

Sep 17, 2004 - 01:43 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

YO-hope everyone is living life and doing great. we are doing our best in tough times to get out this new record and return better and bigger than ever. with that being said, i would like to talk about our friends and family, otherwise known in the industry as fans. Just so you know-the show at Scout Bar was the busiest show ever so a special thanks to the friends and family who helped to make it a memorable night. It will be hard to top it the next time but that is not what its all about anyway. Just having a good time is all we need. For those of you who use the message board you may have noticed a message regarding me and toys r us. the guy who introduced himself to me at toys r us was typical hunger family. polite, outgoing and knew alot about the hunger. it was a pleasure to meet him and spend some time with him. we've hung out with "rock stars" and some people thought and think we are. I always found it kind of funny cause i know we are just a bunch of regular guys playing music. nothing more-nothing less! i am sincerely grateful to have met this gentleman because he reminded me once again of why i write music. first i write music because it is in my soul-while most people are playing sports, shopping, etc.. i would rather be making noise in my studio. lastly-because i've always wanted people to hear my music and think why did he do that-read meaning into something that came from nothing. understand the music and simply enjoy it. with all the music in the world today one person coming up to you and saying how much they enjoy "your" music can really make your day. so first and foremost-thanks to the guy at toys r us-you we're kind,considerate and a great member of the hunger family. i look forward to seeing you and the rest of our family at the next show. We Love You Guys-Thanks-Jeff

Sep 06, 2004 - 01:12 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

yo-man does my body hurt today! what a great night @ scout bar. as usual "The Hunger" family is the greatest and came out in full force and conquered all. My ears are still ringing! Thanks to Ed and Tim for making the roadie from Dallas, the backstage girls and all the wild naked boobies. It's kind of hard to do your job when boobies are everywhere. what a job-i love it. Once Again-THANKS-JEFF

Sep 02, 2004 - 03:22 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

what's up people-i hope everyone is feeling as good as i am. life is great and i'm enjoying it every second of everyday. I hope you are doing the same. here is what's up with the band. We have begun the slow process of searching for a record deal and restarting our career's. Despite all that's going on in the record buisness things look good for us. i will not say anything else about it-it's a jinx to talk about things going on. However-keep the faith-we will be back on top and it will be because the friends and family we have out thier who support us in everything we do. as for this weekend-labor day-come check us out at "Scout Bar" in clear lake. It will be a great show with two other kick ass texas bands, FOUR and The Grey Life, so come see what it is all about. SEE YA!

Aug 23, 2004 - 04:18 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

it's been a great day-my son and i went to the project revolution tour and watched and listened.The shows were absolutely kick ass. korn, snoop dawg and linkin park turned the show out. this show really made me remember why i do this. the hunger has all it takes to make it to the next level and thats our goal. we will bust are ass to get out on the road. this record we are working on a fat, fat record-this record is readdy to put on the boxing gloves and get this shit strarted. do you want to be a part-let us know email us direct-shit i'm out-fu@ked tonight-gotta go

Aug 04, 2004 - 01:34 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

hey-just a word up to what's going on! we have been in the studio finishing up some new music and really starting to bust ass on finising this record. i know it's going to turn out great but you'll have to wait and see. trust me-it will be worth the wait. take care-jeff

Jul 26, 2004 - 12:15 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

what's up-it's been a long, hard weekend and now it's time to rest. as i expected the shows we're great. beaumont-you guys deserve all the love in the world. you always show up and you always get your party on. it's not a wonder that after playing there at least 100 times we still look forward to going back. one more thing-where in the hell did all the fine ass young ladies come from-DAMN! I'm ready to book another show there next week! If you guys got to see "Stillframe" then you know why i'm always hyping them on my site. these guys are kids that just graduated high school but they kick ass. see them while you can before they go off to college. I've got one last shout out and that's for the beaumont police-thanks for not arresting everyone-these guys could have taken us all to jail and instead they let us go with a warning-much love to the men in blue. we'll-my head still hurt and we had to play the houston press music awards. the show went off without a hitch and we had a grea time. i didn't get to see switchfoot so someone tell me how it was. The Hunger is going to take a couple of weeks off and finish recording some new music for this record. we have a mission and we've been keeping it top secret-when it's time everyone will know, it will all make sense, time will stopk, blah, blah , blah! this new shit is going to rock! later-jeff/thehunger we love you!

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