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Jul 22, 2004 - 02:59 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

Yo-what's up-just letting you know when and where we are playing this week. friday night we are in beaumont at antone's. my lil bro's band "stillframe" will be opening up and this sh*t will be off the hook. bang your monkey and call big dog 106 and tell them to play some god dang hunger fool! WE ARE COMING! next up-the houston press music awards. we will be at the verizon theatre with switchfoot. if you don't know who switchfoot is then get your head out from under the rock. they rule of MTV right now and will put on a hell of a show. it's up to you, the "Hunger Nation", to let everybody know what is up and why we belong on the stage-see ya there-Later-jeff

Jul 17, 2004 - 04:36 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

after reflecting on life in the hunger and all that goes with it-i must say-we are going to kick the shit out of the world with this new record. kick the shit right out off it. those who don't believe prepare to get kicked in the ass again. those who do believe start kickin others who don't. Hell yes i am fired up! i can't wait to get this shit out in the street and in the hands of some people. we are gonna kick the shit out of everyone-yeah-later-jeff

Jul 05, 2004 - 03:05 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

hey-my head hurts! Damn-that was a hell of a great show and a great night. i hope all of you where fortunate enough to attend and have the same hang over that i do. enough about me-i'm here to let you know how thankful i am for you being there last night. it was a sunday night and the place was totally packed. I can't thank zak and push from "The Buzz" for all their help and support. we love you guys-you rock! As for my new hair project-if you were not their-i now have a sick mohawk. i don't know how long i will keep it but what the hell-you only live once. i'll post some pic's so you can get a good laugh. later-jeff

Jun 27, 2004 - 02:32 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

hey-its seems one of my journal entries may have struck some of you the wrong way. let's go back and refresh-the houston press awards. i gave my opinion on awards and the city of houston. my opinions reflected my thoughts about my life and the band me and my brother started many years ago. thoughts about respect and the pursuit of perfection. to people who have never been around this band then you don't know how we push gio and darren to be better musicians and better performers. they became a part of the hunger and had much to learn and have passed the test-100%. hell-they've had to learn 100 hundred songs that i've been playing so long that i do it in my sleep. make no doubt about it-if i'm going to battle i wouldn't want anyone else on my team. back to the awards-so people think that i may have slighted gio and darren-read the journal entry carefully and remember that i've been in this band, collecting awards and making music since 1990. This band is and has been my life! Awards mean nothing to me, that's to me personally, but i have a different outlook than other people. I just want people to love the band and the music! that's it! I also want people to know that we do have the best drummer and bass player in the city-they came in to try out for the hunger and blew the competition away-they became a part of the band and my life. We became brothers! I am all about family and supporting my family so when it comes to awards-VOTE FOR GIO AND DARREN! they are great musicians and friends and they deserve to win. It would mean alot to them. As for myself and my brother bone-just tell us hi and listen to the music. that for me is award enough! So vote online or pickup a houston press and put in a vote for darren as best bass player and gio as best drummer! Give them the respect they deserve-they've earned it! then vote for stillframe as best new band. it's all about the family baby-later-jeff

Jun 25, 2004 - 07:16 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

yo-greetings from the land of cowboy's and cross dresser's! i wanted to give you a head's up about a kick ass show. the hunger and the burden bro's at scout bar in clear lake. for you bone heads that's south houston. the show is the Buzz's sunday night show and feature's all original music by texas bands. in this day and age of radio this show is the last salvation of many bands in town. show your support for tejas musica and come check us out july4th at scout! on a different note-we are going in to the studio to put some new music down and finish this damn record. stay tuned-later-JW

Jun 13, 2004 - 02:10 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

hi there-first let me say thanks for a great evening last night-the engine room and it's staff-jason, ed, paul-you guy's kicked ass. hands down these sound guys are some of the best in town! Kick Ass! the crowd was packed and the energy was everywhere. as the night progressed my little bro's band, "Stillframe", kicked it off and did a banging job. the packed the house and packed it early. I've told you before and i'm telling you again-you need to check these guys out! after that "gone blind" hit the stage and showed the crowd what a houston band is all about. you can tell they've played alot of shows and have been on the road. those guys are some MO FO's and deserve nothing but the best. when we finally got the stage the friends and family(hunger fans)were there to represent! as usual i say thanks-you guys always rock! playing a show in houston is better then anywhere in america. enough said-luv you guys! We'll see ya soon! Jeff

Jun 13, 2004 - 01:37 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

hi-what's up! just wanted to talk a minute about awards and crap like that. i know there is stuff on the site about the houston press awards and all the catagories, etc.. Just so you know-the only award i will ever need is my family and extended family(all of you people out there)being here with me. I know you care about me and the band and that's all that matters! PERIOD! Gio and Darren would really like to win there respective catagories and are more than deserving of the honor. I know the band has gotten all the local honor's it will ever need thanks to the city of houston and all of the "family" we have here. The only thing i personally care about in these awards is that the music be recognized. This band has strived to put out great music that surpasses local expectations and rivals all out there in the nation. We've done it before and we WILL DO IT AGAIN! The same can be said for our live shows-we give it all we have and then some. So do you-the "family" always shows and always puts out. Thank You! I have never asked anyone to vote for the hunger or vote for anyone in the band before-i figured that if you wanted it to happen it would happen. And it did-over and over again. Darren and Gio obviously really want this award-SO-for the first time i will tell you to vote for them. Me, thomas and stephen started this band a long time ago and we put alot of pressure on these guys to perform and make the cut. They have always come through so let them know you care-give em a vote. as for me, thomas and stephen-buy us a drink when you see us. that's good enough! See ya at the next show! Jeff

Jun 06, 2004 - 12:07 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

what's up-just recovering from a long weekend in austin, tejas. it was bike week there so the place was packed with nothing but biker's getting there party on. with all the shit going on it was a crazy place. we had a great time. We have the engine room show coming up this friday, june 11th, and it's a FREE SHOW. it's all ages and free-when is the last time that happened. my little brother's band stillframe will be on the bill so get there early. i just checked them out playing last week and they tore it up. we also have gone blind, a roadrunner records artist, on the bill. all in all it's going to be a great bill with no cover. Houston-it's friday night so you have no excuses-if you have to go to work sat-call in sick now. you're going to need the time to recover. also-giovanni can't seem to score with the ladies so if anyone out there can help le thim know. peace baby-see ya friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 29, 2004 - 01:29 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

yo-people always see the band and never get a chance to meet or hang out with the people who put it all together. CCC, Pony, Fred, Ed, Byron, Ben, Mike and all you guys who help out or have helped out over the years. I say thank you-thank you-thank you! now if you could only learn how to pick up some girls every once in a while. they are learning slowly girls so go easy on them. All head and no shaft! later!

May 28, 2004 - 01:28 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

hi folks-just wanted to drop you a line and talk about WMD's(Weapon of Mass Destruction). these WMD's were found on the side of the road and backstage during the "orgy" tour. if you didn't know-when you travel on a bus you cannot do the #2 on the bus. so people get quite creative when letting loose. this is what happens when you combine jeagermeister with taco bell. WMD's-can you guess which band member laid these bombs-or was it CCC from the road crew. who knows-one of life's great mysteries.

May 18, 2004 - 02:30 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

what's up-just wanted to say thanks to all who attended the beaumont show-bam-it was off the chain. the band truly had a great time hanging out with our friends. thank you! Mike Davis from Big Dog 106 attended and as always went freakin nuts-the dude is a bonafide party animal. mike-i need help bro-i can't keep up with ya-next time give us a little warning your going to be there so i can take the next day off-i can't sing after that party! also-thanks to steve O caldwell for taking care of us and trying to get me drunk. you learned a valuable lesson-don't mess with a professional. to all who attended-thank you-see ya next time-jeff/thehunger

May 11, 2004 - 06:13 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

hey there - i just wanted to throw a shout out to shawn and marty at hollowpoint-we're just starting to get going and conquer the world and we can't do it without you-never lose faith and always believe-with you're help we will be on top-go get em-later-jeff

May 10, 2004 - 03:05 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

one more thing- in our multimedia section on the website you can see a video that was made by a fan in the military using some hunger music. That Kicks Ass! First-i encourage anyone who is in to making videos, whatever the quality, to send them in so we can post them for you. secondly-if you are in the military and need anything ( cd's, video, etc's)let me know. i get reports from friends all over the world saying some in the military are jamming to the hunger - let us know if you're in the military and you need some musical motivation. I am proud to be an american and thank god every day for the service of every person in the army, navy, airforce, marines, etc.. If you guys need some music let us know-we will get it to you. Much luv to ya-later-Jeff/thehunger

May 10, 2004 - 02:35 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

what's up! thanks to cody from dallas for getting out some pictures of the show in dallas at deep ellum live. we have alot of photos and video from the texas dates and we will have them on the site asap. i checked out "four" and "faceplant" last night at scout bar. if you were not at the show let me just say scout is the place to be on sunday night. the best live music venue around! PERIOD! the texas buzz show sponsored by 94.5 the buzz is there every sunday broadcasting live and bringing original local and texas music to you. YEAH! for all you golden triangle people, "beaumont", we will be there this friday and faceplant will be on the bill. Let's represent bizmont-Antone's is a great place to play but we're gonna knock the dust of that place. I can't wait-let's go bizmont-let's get it on! Big Dog 106-Mike i had better see you there bro or i'll come down to that station and find ya-just kidding-it will be good to see ya mike. can't wait-later-jeff

Apr 30, 2004 - 02:49 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

hey-it's the day after the "scout" show in clear lake and let me say-it was off the HOOK! it was great to end up these dates in our hometown and cut loose. I think everybody is probably ingesting a few extra aspirin today. if you didn't make it out-this club is the place to see live music in houston so come on out to scout and check it out.. later-jeff

Apr 24, 2004 - 04:48 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

hey-time for an update from the road. we just finished up the odessa show opening for Orgy and it kicked ass. it's amazing how much more people in the "Sticks" care about having a good time and letting the band know it. hands down-odessa is the best show yet. I know i speak for the rest of the guys when i say we can't wait to go back. Dos Amigo's rules! hell-where else can i see little baby cowboy kids beat the hell out of each other, dudes riding bulls in front of the stage and goth kids, etc. hanging out in the middle of nowhere. Way to go big O! anyway-I've had to much to drink and the late nite whataburger is kicking my a*@! gotta go-later-jeff

Apr 23, 2004 - 01:19 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

yo-just wanted to say thanks to the few peeps who attended the houston show. i guess i'm going to have to put a gun to ?"S head and start getting shit done right. let me know on the message board if you ever heard this show advertised? It seems to me that some one brought orgy to town and then sold them out-but hey-i'm just the guy in the band trying to make a living and doing the best i can/. I was born a mutha fuckin ramblin man-shit i'm loaded - shit-i'm out-later
DALLAS-get up and get down to the show- i don't want to hear i'm broke. i'm broke to-let's go and be broke together. OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 20, 2004 - 11:47 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

yo-on behalf of the entire band i would like to apologize for the show that was supposed to happen tonight at "cowboy's" in san antonio. If you were there i'm sure you noticed that we we're not! I would like to first say that it was not our fault-we drove all day to S.A. ready to play a show only to be told 30 miles outside of the venue that we had been taken off the bill-long story short somebody screwed up big time and rather then point fingers and kick somebody's ass we are going to learn from this experience and make sure that it never happens again. one more thing-would the person who put the VOODOO curse on us in san antonio please take the nail out of my voodoo doll and let us finally have a good time. moving along-we really have to kick ass in these next couple o shows-i feel like we let you down and orgy. SO HOUSTON you are up next-get ready to get it on! stephan sherman-we'll see you in odessa-later

Apr 12, 2004 - 12:14 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

yo-it's getting closer to the time when you are needed to represent! Orgy gave us this oppourtunity and we need to show them how we do it in texas. Stephan S in abeliene, ed in dallas, gene in S.A. and all my tejas familia-i look forward to seeing you again. spread the word and let's blow the mutha fu*@er UP! We will be filming everything on this tour for the website-maybe your big head, "Gene", will end up as the featured mugshot. Later-see ya soon!-JW

Mar 19, 2004 - 02:49 am
By: Jeff Wilson (Keyboard/Vocals)

yo-just finished a recording session with my lil bro's band-they are known as highrise but are changing their name-got any ideas let me know-anyway, the music kicks as* and these guys are still in high school. you'll probably see them opening up for us real soon. later-jeff

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