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HUNGER FAITHFUL - Read on if you are interested in signing up for the Street Team

1. What is 'The Hunger Street-Team'?
The Hunger Street Team is a group of Hunger fanatics that get together and go out on various missions to promote The Hunger to clubs, concerts, malls, etc.

2. How do I get selected?
You fill out the information below, and Darren Nelson will contact you once he needs street team mebers for your area.

3. What do I do as a Street Teamer?
Once established, you will be sent Hunger products and will receive precise instructions on where to bring them, what to say, and other info. You will also be asked to call your rock/alternative radio station and get your friends to request the new Hunger single.

4. Do I get paid for being a Street Teamer?
Street Teams do not get paid. But what you will get will be very rewarding. You will stay in contact with Darren Nelson and you will get Hunger products not availible to the public.

5. Will I meet the band?
The band's schedule is always changing, but when The Hunger tours in your city or nearby that you can attend, we will provide the best opportunity for you to meet the band.

6. What are other benefits of a Street Team memeber?
This is a great way for you to help saturate The Hunger in your area. You are our best weapon! It's an awesome feeling to be apart of The Hunger FAMILY! You will get cool Hunger gear that the public can't, get promos only the band and Street Teamers will get, and other other great opportunities.

7. Are there any special rules regarding where to hand stuff out and what to say?
Yes there are. Once established with Darren, he will send you very detailed instructions with everything you need to go and where to go. You the Street Teamer will also be able to tell us what are the best areas in your city to promote at as well.

Sign Up For The Hunger Street Team

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