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1 week, 6 days ago: The Hunger created an event.
2 months ago: Sound check in progress.
2 months ago: The Hunger shared Saturate's photo.
2 months ago: The Countdown has started to kick 2014 in the a**. Come party with us at Scout Bar and we will definitely bring in 2015 the right way!
2 months ago: The Hunger shared Marc McKinney Photography's album.
2 months, 2 weeks ago: Congrats Raf and Brandi! Just a couple of kids who like to f***k, trying to make it honest!
2 months, 3 weeks ago: The Hunger created an event.
2 months, 3 weeks ago: We have so many unreleased B-Side material songs that have never been heard or released so what do you guys think of us posting a song or two. Songs that cover all musical spectrums, so, should we post them? You tell me!!! Jeff W/The Hunger
3 months ago: From all the members of The Hunger we pass on this message about a life time friend, accomplice, light man wizard and surf guru, Dan Lockamy. We all met around 1990-91 discovering the music business and trying to find our path. Dan quickly showed us the path to illumination. He took an average band and gave them a superbowl light show. He also quickly worked his way into our hearts. Most people who were associated with the band referred to us as family and Dan was definetly family. As time passed we would go our separate ways, not because of disharmony or any ill feelings, but simply from chasing a dream. Nobody wanted that dream for us more than Dan. I remember rolling through the streets of Jaco, costa rica with Dan blaring my song "Grip" and singing like a fool. He was spreading the family gospel one Tico at a time. Hell, i was surfing with Dan in costa Rica when i got the call from T-Bone that Universal Records was signing us. I spent years on the road chasing that dream and losing contact with friends. The road can do that to you in no time flat. We crossed paths from time to time and always relived the good times. Dan and a couple of us would go on month long surf vacations and live the good life. In those moments he was truly in his element. Fearless and willing to charge any wave with no consequence. I'm guessing around 4 years ago we had a halloween show and i didn't know Dan was doing the lights. It was another shot at reliving the glory days. Dan casually came up and said, Hey dude i have stage 3 brain cancer but don't worry, i'm gonna kick it's ass. They said then he would have a couple of months and he turned it into years. When i visited him last week he still had the spirit and he inspired me beyond words. He was still charging! He still asked about his old friends and how they were doing. He still wanted to know everything about his "ole" family. Many of his friends don't know these names: Thomas Wilson/Brian Allbritton/max Shuldberg/Stephen Bogle/Dave rogers/Rondini/Randy Spain/Chad Cooper/Ricky Aquino/Ben Bryant/Domec/Vermillion/Stegall and many, many more. Of course we had YG, aka- Ric! We were the Shotgun Squad! A family! We were a unit, a tight as military style unit that did anything and everything to succeed. We would've never had a shot without people like Dan. He didn't accept failure because if it did fail, he would take his truck and run it over. That by the way is a reference to any light that failed to work. It was taken out by the wheel of a truck. It was all or nothing with my friend Dan. It's hard to put a man's life into words and summarize 50 plus years but i will say this, I damn glad the good lord brought Dan into my life. i don't know how or why it happened but it did. I will miss him as i'm sure all my mates listed above will testify to. We are and will always be family. Family for me personally is everything. you love you're bro's until their last moment on this earth. I ask that anyone who has photo's from the early hunger day's, when we raged like no other band, post them so his family and friends who didn't get to witness Dan in this element have even more to remember him by. He was one hell of a man and i will miss him dearly. It was not a light rig or gigantic wave that finally took my man down, but Cancer. It can and does get us all. Dan fought the good fight for years with the help of many great doctors and his own brand of unstoppable will power. Do what you can do, contribute or donate to the cause of your choice and help put an end to Cancer. You rarely will find me ranting about anything political or otherwise on here but today is an exception. Dan told me the very last time i saw him that he had the greatest doctors in the world working on him. Let's keep those doctors funded and working on a cure. Love Ya Dan- Jeff Wilson/The Hunger
3 months ago: The Hunger shared Dream Steam Photography's album.
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